06 January 2014

When life steals your lemons

Another year is added to the calendar. New Year's has a way of making people contemplate and do some introspection with their lives, with themselves and about the world in general. It's a time of renewal, a time of new challenges, and a time of new habits.

My 2013 ended harshly as I came back from a holiday trip to my back door kicked open and my house burglarized. Several days later with orders made and sparing matches with the insurance company, I awoke to this true first business day of 2014 feeling energized.

Because life and business is about rolling with the punches. And out of personal loss, you can create anew something better. So instead of mourning or sulking about what happened to me or what was stolen, I look at it as a way of simplifying. What video gear did I have that was extraneous? What did I want to upgrade from? How can I arm myself with the best tools to make the best productions?

Sometimes we need our snow globe shook to get a new perspective on things.

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