22 May 2011

A Lazy Sunday

Took advantage of a glorious Sunday to take the dog out and stretch the legs.

While the weather was perfect, thunderstorms threatened. So we just went for a short hike at Corwina Park, up to the Bear Creek Trail and then up to Panorama Point.

Panorama Point May 2011 from Ryan Budnick on Vimeo.

15 May 2011

Lucy meet Slickrock

Finally made my annual pilgrimage to Moab. With unsettled weather this spring, it was about a month later than usual.

Saturday Dan, Lucy & I loaded into Ole Whitey and headed out west.

After some searching, we found some kind campers who let us share a group site off Onion Creek. Some beers, good conversation and star gazing made the 5 1/2-hour drive dissipate.

The next day after breakfast and breaking down camp, we made our way to Hidden Valley for some hiking, scrambling and vista gazing. The thermometer climbed up to about 90. Of the 3 liters of water I packed, Lucy drank 2 1/2 of it.

Lucy liked it when we stopped and she could rest in the shade

The trail ends at a pass where it diverges into a few different ways. We continued down to where the trail merged with the Moab Rim Jeep Trail.

Despite no respite from the relentless sun, Lucy did well. I kept a close eye on her to make sure she didn't overheat and gave her shade breaks when we could.

Trusty trail dog & her owner

A look back at the La Sal Mountains. I still remember skiing there a couple of years ago. A trip I'll never forget.

01 May 2011

Really it's May

There was flat light. The horizon was indecipherable from the slopes. Occasionally a mogul would sneak up on you and tweak you.

"Keep the knees bent," Dan vocalized our mantra for the day at Arapahoe Basin.

Really it's May 1. You couldn't tell by the conditions. You certainly couldn't tell by the surroundings. This was mid-winter conditions. Not that I'm complaining.

Really I did drop off a vertical lip here:

ABasin Medley from Ryan Budnick on Vimeo.