22 September 2011

Sandstone Sojourn

The bustle of everyday life can excuse my absence. West the soul points and follow its wake we will.

Four days unplugged. Four days liberated from deadlines, tweets, emails and bogging down from the mundane.

This palisade shall be my sentinel while I await for the stars to reveal themselves in impossible numbers.

Over a bend on the river shall I rest my head.

Around several corners and with wandering eyes, the humble glory of the desert appears. Corona Arch with a neighboring natural bridge. We spotted two more natural bridges that day.

If you're patient you can find many messages from people past.

The way continued upward. Yet the sun was unrelenting. Lucy took the lead & I soon followed with a siesta in the shade.

A reminder that life is but a balancing act.

A nondescript vantage to watch the river lugubriously slide by.

A blaze to celebrate another passing of a year in life.

We often walk by without noticing the intricate beauty that surrounds us.

Fever struck, sickness crept in. A rest in the high desert, shied away from passing eyes. The migration west continued until the road was out. We scampered and picked our way around and over the sandstone mushrooms until we looked down upon the unattainable oasis of the Green River at Mineral Bottom

We backtracked upriver to the valley of giant mud castles. Around we wandered and climbed in the Fisher Towers.

Silent yet steady, this snag still stubbornly clings on after death has stripped it of life.