24 September 2009

Ah Vegas

Spent a wonderful three nights in Vegas with Caitlin. We stayed in Paris and were upgraded to a suite our final two nights there since our room wasn't ready the first night and we had to have two queen beds.

Went out Saturday night on my birthday to the hotspot Tao where we chilled in the lounge and feasted on Chilean sea bass that quite possibly have been the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Much time was spent at the pool. Ate a very good dinner at the Bellagio and caught a Cirque de Soleil show.

Caitlin's cousin Nancy lives in town with her husband Jeff and their daughter Nicolette. So we had dinner with them one night.

Unfortunately I still have to get some of the pics. But here are a couple that set the mood for the trip:

Some more pics:

Caitlin & I at my birthday dinner at Tao.

Some familiar faces in an unfamiliar setting. It was a great act of randomness running into my cousins Angelo and Debbie outside of our hotel on the first night.

Giant fortune cookie. Fortunes came true!

Pool at Paris. Much time was spent here.

Caitlin & I at showing of Mystere.

09 September 2009


Not nearly enough, but it felt great getting in climbing on three straight days.

Labor Day I left work a little early and headed up to 3 Sisters for a bouldering session. Made the mistake that day of having a skewed ratio of food to caffeine. The hard burly stuff was easy. However anything requiring balance, the jitters made it much tougher than it needed to be.

After struggling for an hour I called it a session.

Tuesday Andrea and I went up to Maxwell Falls and scoped out some climbs. We rapped down and then top-roped a 5.8. It started raining while I waited to get on the rock. But of course it stopped when I finished the climb.

I queried if we should try some more but the thunder and the black wall of clouds moving in from the west and the voice of reason that is Andrea. We cleaned up and hiked back. Had a good time eating in Evergreen and then driving to and checking on a house for sale that had caught my eye.

Wednesday had Chad, Dan and I climbing at Clear Creek Canyon. It was a good completing the circle for both Dan and Chad, since the last time they climbed together was Chad's ignominous accident.

Three climbs a piece. Good evening. All of us it seems are still getting our heads back in leading.

Climbing and drinking beer with friends... it doesn't get better really.