24 February 2010

So That's What It's Like Again

It is rather sullenly to think that it is less than a week until March and til this afternoon I had zero backcountry skiing trips. Goose egg, nada, zip.. you get the picture.

So after the Comcast guy came and hooked me up with my new nifty, uber-quick Internet connection, and after a guy from my home insurance provider came and took some pictures of the house for their files, I jumped in the shower, caffeinated up and noticed it was already past noon.

But I wasn't going to go getting glum. No days on the lifts. Screw it! Time to earn my turns.

I went up towards Squaw Pass to a spot I stumbled upon a few months ago. I figured it finally had to have enough snow to get some tree skiing in. It did... barely.

Still I didn't damage the Shuksans -- not that they don't need a tune from some gravel damage inflicted last spring in the Indian Peaks -- and they didn't complain to loudly as I skied over a small shrub that popped up at the last second, all while grimacing.

I got three laps in and actually enjoyed the searing in my calves and lungs as I skinned up through a variety of snow conditions.

It was only a couple of hours before it felt skied out. So I packed it in, drove to Evergreen and got some inky-black dark roast blend of coffee. That brew will be wonderful as I sluggishly start a new work week tomorrow.

It would some green runs but tight trees keep it interesting.

The intrepid author partway through the third skin back up.

Of course it wouldn't be Evergreen unless you come across an elk... or 50.

The house is slowly taking shape. Spent the past 2 1/2 hours cleaning wood trim and the wood floors. Time for beer.


10 February 2010

In Memoriam

Godspeed feisty little angel! You don't have to hold on any longer. It is better you have shed your mortal robes, dismantled the sinews of life that held you back, and soared above as if pulled by puissant gossamer.

Fly swift! And don't look back.