07 July 2007

Time to get out

After being cooped up for a week with bronchitis, my sanity is waning. It's high time I recharged the batteries and I have a return date with the Gore Range.

A couple of years ago, a trip to camp and climb the Settler Peaks was a wash due to myself getting altitude sickness on the hump in. It made no sense since we spent the previous night in Breckenridge (9,800 feet). But the pounding head and blurred vision forced prudence.

That's OK, because if we had made it up there, we would have never had our memorable experience of getting charged at by a moose.

Peak C looked like a good return partner. Over 13,000 feet, some nice couloir climbing for 2,000 feet with an airy ridge climb to cap it off.

(Pictures hijacked from somebody else's trip)

The orginal plan was for a 1-day blitz up with a friend. However prior engagements put Rak out of commission. So an overnight solo trip is in the works. Just hope the remanents of bronchitis doesn't slow me down too much.

Hopefully I'll have some good photos for you when I get back on Monday.