31 May 2012

The Rarest of birds

What's more rare than an eagle? How about an albatross. Let 7Sports Arran Andersen explain. Story we shot at the Omni Resort in Broomfield, Colo. This guy could kill the ball.

16 May 2012

Petroglyphs, Sunsets, Mountain Biking & Beer

Last week took a much needed sojourn away from computers, stress and showers. Packed up the Taco and headed west to Fruita. Here is a short video of some pictures and footage I shot in Seco Canyon -- about 30 minutes from the Colorado border. Lucy went on her first mountain bike rides and was a champ. I wish I had her nearly boundless energy. However after three rides in two days, she was done. Lucy relaxing in the back of the Tacoma, away from the pesky flies
The next morning I let the dog out of the tent to do her business. She then just laid down on the ground. I couldn't make her run or hike any further. So plans for bouldering were scraped and we headed back to civilization. Random Parting Shots

04 May 2012

Denver Zoo You

A promotional video for Denver Zoo I shot last month. Good group of kids and a good program that educates kids about animals and conservation.