30 January 2011

It had been too long

Here I am brewing java so I can stay awake.

It really wasn't that taxing of a day, it's just I have gotten soft lately.

I picked up Ian just after 8 a.m. and then we made our way to Boulder to meet up with a Meetup group for a day of backcountry skiing.

We met Simone up there and all three of us piled into Old Whitey for the journey to Sweet Jenny Lind, just outside of Central City.

There wound up being quite the gathering -- over 20 people and six dogs.

It was a nice, short trip to break back into backcountry shape, and a good introduction for both Ian & Simone, who were going on their first outings with their new AT setups.

Getting Into The Skis

The approach was very mellow. It deposited us over a bowl that offered nearly 1,000 feet of skiing.

On The Approach

Our group leader Rom suggested we go up into the trees for some tree skiing. I think we all could have done without that as the trees were tight and the going was slow with that many people.

Looking North To Indian Peaks

Ian, Simone & Ian each got two runs in -- and I swear the mountain grew while we were skinning back up the bump -- before heading back and calling it a day.

Some Camera Posing Before The Turns

I took the dubious distinction of falling the most. Because of the warm weather, the pack powder began a melt cycle and then refroze over, creating a crust that slapped me around like an abusive parent.

Simone Traversing Out On The 1st Run

Still, great views, good group and it was great to get away.

Ian Skinning Up For Some More Turns

Just don't quite understand why I'm so tired.