27 February 2012

Divertido En El Nieve

A good day helping out Luis on a shoot. It was broadcasted nationally on Azteca America:

12 February 2012

South Valley Snowshoe

With the sun trying to peek out and temperatures not quite so frigid, it seemed like a perfect time to stretch the legs. Lucy was tired of being cooped up all week long and was beginning to drive me crazy with her neediness.

It is great to go to South Valley Open Space park when there is substantial snow cover. During the growing months, you're often limited to the trails, as off trail travel usually means navigating around cacti, rattlesnakes and scrub oak. They are all nuisances that keep you focusing on the ground as opposed to the spectacular sandstone sculptures surrounding you.

With everything buried in snow and the scrub oaks denuded of leaves, you can pick a path to go and trek out in snowshoes.

We went up and around, navigating around the bluffs and on to them.