28 January 2010

Some Wandering Is Intentional

A look back at the beginning of 2009 -- a good thing to do since I won't be able to get out as much in 2010.

Some Wandering Is Intentional from Ryan Budnick on Vimeo.

19 January 2010

The End of an Era

After three years, countless upgrades, downgrades, redesigning and innumerable hours, the bouldering wall comes down.

I need to get the thing down ASAP so I can finish the rest of my packing.

I'm not going to lie, I am a little sad as the disassembly progresses. It has been a great outlet for some rough times, a great workout partner and training tool.

Unfortunately the basement in my new house isn't very tall and really doesn't have room for a wall. But I promise you the wall will live in one form or another, even if it is as only a training wall.

Goodbye Old Friend.

Then there was just a blank wall.