26 April 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens

Needing to get a little tranquility on Thursday, I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens during my lunch break. Workers are still busy installing the Gardens' 2012 art exhibit, "Kizuna: West Meets East" throughout the park. I came across a man at the lagoon near the outdoor cafe constructing numerous rafts made out of bamboo and in various sizes, shapes and geometric character. It seemed like it could either be a very relaxing or frustrating job to do. Oh, and some flowers too:

16 April 2012

Test Shoot

made the splurge and made the investment to a solid new camera. The Canon Rebel T3i was a quality SLR that also can shoot HD video. It also was in my budget range. So I plunked down the money and made the purchase. This gives me a couple of weeks to get used to it before my next shoot.

So off to South Valley Open Space I went. I know the terrain well and I figured the contrast of the red sandstone and everything green with the early spring would make a good palette to test out this baby, and see how rusty my still photography skills are.

The results:


Royal Gorge

My first time to Royal Gorge. Have to say it was pretty trippy leaning over the edge and shooting straight down over 1,000 feet.

The one shot I wanted but couldn't make work was shooting the river below from between the floorboards, and then panning out to show up on the bridge.

Also wish I remembered the GoPro and hooked up the two guys on the SkyCoaster.

But overall, the piece turned out better than I felt when I left.